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i suspect soon this will be an excavation site for dinosaur bones

i suspect soon this will be an excavation site for dinosaur bones

"All you need is love"

What exactly IS love?
It’s all I need for what?

Or maybe it is
All you need = love
Love = all you need

I need water
Water = love

I need sunshine
Sunshine = love

I need food
Food = love

I need sleep
Sleep = love

I need a new pair of shoes
New pair of shoes = love

I need an iPhone
iPhone = love

I need a drink
A drink = love

I need a bigger house
Bigger house = love

I need money
Money = love

I need you
I would die without you
You = love

"well, since you don’t write anymore, i’m gonna use this here desk as a bed"

"well, since you don’t write anymore, i’m gonna use this here desk as a bed"

i have a hard time
undressing someone of my trust
because unintentionally 
but unavoidably
i also undress myself

I usually solve problems by letting them devour me.

Franz Kafka

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— this is gonna be my motto from now on —

(via frenchtwist)

everything you do
you do to have an effect on others
so they’ll think you’re powerful
so they’ll think you’re brave
so they’ll think you’re clever
so they’ll think you’re great
but what you fail to notice
is that in the end
all you are really accomplishing
is you’re increasing
your self-loathing

i have recently learned that i should never trust someone who does not trust me.

the bigger picture - part II

here’s a photo of Earth from a trillion miles away:

next time someone tells me i’m missing the bigger picture
i’m gonna tell them “no. no, i’m not. i see it very very clearly.”
they are the ones who are missing it.
in fact, they have no idea what they are talking about.
because “the bigger picture”
eventually becomes the biggest picture
and that
well, i’ll let you decide for yourself

the bigger picture

just a little cheery song about True Love…

Dear Santa

if my life were a video game
i would have stopped playing it a long time ago
and on monday
i would have broken the disk into tiny pieces
to make sure i never again let myself be convinced
to give it another chance
i mean, seriously
who comes up with this shit?
-hey, let’s create a game where only random meaningless shit happens
and all the characters say things like ‘under the circumstances’ and ‘on the record’!-
and a bunch of puddles walking around
bragging boasting and proud
that people avoid stepping on them
because ‘they’re too scared to drown’

I think that’s a lot of what the industry is in my very limited experience: working crazy hard on things you love and pushing it in everyone’s faces until someone at just the right time happens to see it and gives you some work. It’s scary and stressful but I would be miserable doing anything else

(wish i had this figured out when i was 22)

I tell you: one must still have chaos in one, to give birth to a dancing star.

Thus Spake Zarathustra by Friedrich Nietzsche